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In 1984, a young woman and her mother were arrested by LAPD. They found all kinds of sophisticated technology and computers in her home which were not in use commonly at that time. When the news splashed the story all over the world, they dubbed her the "High Tech Madam". Turned out the warehouse she'd been accused of running a brothel out of was actually the first sex trafficking safe house in the USA before the concept of "safety" and even "consent" were even invented for use in the sex industry. She also created the first live phone sex company which bypassed the telephone company entirely that evolved into the Psychic Friends Network once she was put on probation. She also created the first hotline for those wanting help to exit the industry who used to be arrested if they called the cops for help prior to her efforts to get the Trafficking Act passed in 2000, the first 12-step recovery program for them, the first alternative sentencing program, and many other firsts. Her story is a fascinating journey through the world of the paranormal, sex, addiction and recovery - as well as amazing stories of survival against all odds. Her love life would fill 100 steamy x-rated romance novels! The memoirs of the High Tech Madam are available in audio, book form, and also social media - soon to be turned into a made for TV series.


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